House Moving Company in Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for a moving company in Abu Dhabi?

In our website we collaborate with more than 30 independent professionals and Movers Company you can consult their profile, the opinions of other clients who have already contracted their removal services and compare their budgets with the confidence that they are certified companies.

Moving Companies in Abu Dhabi.

We inform you about the removals in Abu Dhabi so that you can choose the option that interests you the most and inform you of the prices that can be offered depending on the size, the services you require and the destination of your transfer. We also tell you what to do to make your Movers Company more economical.

In the province of Abu Dhabi each year approx. One hundred thousand moves and transfers, the majority for labor reasons or for studies. In recent years the number of international removals has increased.

That’s why you will find a lot of removal companies in Abu Dhabi. The traditional ones, with a long history and experience in transfers that offer all kinds of services and destinations, the medium size companies that offer the most common services (dismantling / assembling of furniture, packing of goods) and lastly, autonomous professionals Engaged in the transportation of goods that perform loading and unloading services.

Which companies of movers in Abu Dhabi choose?

It depends on the services you need to hire, the destination and especially your budget. Prices may vary more than 50% depending on your choice.

If you only need a basic loading and unloading service, dismantling / assembling furniture and your destination is national, you can use freelancers who combine freights and take advantage of routes that can offer 50% cheaper prices than traditional companies.

If your destination is Saudi Arabia Union you can also use medium-sized removal companies, recently the transport sector has been liberalized and light trucks can circulate throughout the territory of the Union with the same documentation without need to obtain Community licenses or authorizations from each country. These companies offer tighter budgets and professional service.


Finally, if your destination is intercontinental or you are looking for the highest quality, the best option is the traditional Dubai Moving Companies generally are part of business associations that offer coverage in any country and better prices in the contracting of transshipments. In addition, they have insurance to all risks in case something unforeseen arises. The services they offer are exclusive and have specialists in their templates (carpenters, electricians, packers). The budget you are offered will be the most affordable although it may seem expensive.

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