You Move? Half A Dozen Tips for Saving to House Moving in UAE

Moving to a new home in UAE is always an exciting experience: new perspectives, new adventures, maybe a life partner or a new family member to come … But it can also be an exhausting process and if we are not careful, costly.

So we have prepared tips for saving to house moving in UAE. A kind of guide to not allow ourselves to go over anything important in the pipeline, such as taxes, nor miss the opportunity to reduce expenditures in key areas such as light or gas.

  1. First, check the clearance of IBI

It may seem somewhat relevant at first but it is very important to check that the Property Tax, known as IBI or simply “contribution” is domiciled correctly.

It is the responsibility of the seller to pay the current year (although ends beginning), but thereafter we must deal with us, and will not want to find unpleasant surprises in the form of surcharges for not having paid on time, so it is a good procedure for to start. It is a simple management to be performed at the town hall, either telepathically or face.

  1. Change the ownership of light, water and gas

The next step that we make the move is to change the ownership of light, water and gas .To do this we contact the supplier and provide the required information, usually a copy of the deed (or lease) and a photocopy of the ID of the new owner.

In these cases, it is always advisable to change the ownership rather than cancel the service and start a new one, as in the case of light, water and gas, high are usually associated costs, being necessary in some cases a new certificate of occupancy, an electric bulletin or inspection of a technician.

Office removals in UAE Once the process, we review the different options to save on electricity bill and gas, valuing the option to change our company. In the case of water little we can do, because it is not a liberalized market, but in the case of electricity, for example, ING DIRECT customers have a discount of 1.5% on their energy bills thanks to Shopping Holaluz, ORANGE, nor is it a bad idea to check if we get profitable to hire a flat rate of gas and electricity.

  1. Internet, telephone and television for your new home

Normally contracts Internet, telephone and television are terminated when you sell or rent a home, so that the new owner must subscribe on their own or move from your old address. In any case, the move from home is always advisable to review the conditions and compare different package deals fiber, telephone and television; it can be a big savings.

It is also a good idea to talk with the new neighbors about the possibility of sharing fiber or ADSL connection, so that the costs are shared by all.

  1. New house, new insurance

If we had a safe in our previous home, we must contact the insurer to notify the change and update the policy based on the new features and characteristics of housing, or if we want to expand or reduce coverage.

If we had not hired or this is our first home, it is a good time to assess whether it suits us home insurance, which although not compulsory, it is one of those interesting insurance for people who think they never need one. Moving in UAE It should also be borne in mind that this type of insurance to suit different needs, offering everything from basic coverage such as damage to third parties up others including small repairs at home.

  1. Make your new home an efficient and thrifty home

A new home is an opportunity to make our home an efficient and thrifty home. We can start with something simple like buying LED bulbs for our lamps or choose appliances with high energy efficiency , which can be a total saving of over 400 Dollar per year.

Another interesting option is to install a device to meet our electricity consumption and thus know what our usage habits, which in turn will allow us to save on the new electricity bill for Hours Movers in UAE.

Finally, we must also review the taps and tanks to ensure that we continue easy to save water at home guide and, of course, we must take into account what heating system is the cheapest when it comes to choosing what we want for our brand new home.

  1. You can also save to furnish and equip your new home

We have already made all the necessary procedures in our new home, but we still furnish and equip it  and there can also save. Because no need to make everything new (and expensive) but we can join fashion recycling and reuse with, for example, any of these 13 fun to decorate recycling projects  or these 11 ideas to recycle and give new life your terrace Best house moving companies in UAE.

Finally, we can also draw on the always useful applications used in the furniture and appliances to find a good price, or where we can sell our old house those who do not want in our new home.


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